Sarah is a freelance do-gooder of all things bucket list and philanthropically inclined: (a) Coach, (a) Compassion Warrior, (a) Superhero Humanitarian, (an) Ultarunner, and (an) Advocate for Play. Sarah is a social crusader with a ten year passion project to raise $1 million dollars before the age of 35. Harnessing the power behind the sports philanthropy movement, her RUN4ACAUSE goal is simple: to showcase the direct impact WE can make by empowering our youth to transform their world by mobilizing them to engage in cultural exchange, gain a global perspective, and create and lead social change through the art of SUPERHERO sport and play.




Raul is an avid runner and ultra-runner who has taken his passion of running to the next level. He began his journey back in early 2013 after noticing that there was a gap between fitness and inspiration to others. He began with his slogan of “Running 4 those who can’t” via Instagram which caught on pretty quickly. He made a headband for one of his many marathons and posted it and people just starting asking how they can be involved with this movement. Raul quickly realized that connecting and inspiring others who can’t run or be active due to an illness or lack of mobility was where his passion needed to be concentrated. He began to run long distances for people who could not do it for themselves; he would then tag them on his run to let them know that they were represented in some way. One after another, people starting to send requests to Raul to run for this person or that person who is suffering from an illness. In addition, Raul’s followers quickly grew from 20 to 1700. Raul’s goal is to hit 1 million followers and continues to inspire others to run 4 those who can’t. His mission, along with his wife Liz has just begun; they are excited to see others do the same.

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Paul started taking running seriously in 2013. That year he ran his first 5k in May and by the end of that year he completed his first marathon. Paul currently leads a crew of runners called The LionHeartedRunClub. The LionHeartedRunClub is a group of runners that promote healthy lifestyles and fitness. The Club promotes the idea that regardless of your condition if you have the heart and the will to try something, you can complete that something. Paul's personal mission is to help provide children with the right tools to be successful by promoting teamwork, overcoming obstacles and persistence through fitness.

A graduate of the University of Southern California and a resident of Boulder, CO, Joseph is working to improve the training narrative. Through utilizing the electric passion in so many endurance athletes, Joseph believes philanthropy can be a part of the everyday walk, run or cycle.

Graham is most passionate about helping others by creating experiences that teach them that they are larger than themselves, recognize what they are capable of, and activating them to go and fulfill it. He holds a unique ability to unearth what embers are burning inside each individual and at the moment of need he adds his own brand of kerosene to their fire. An ultra distance athlete and adventure chaser, Graham has raced in some of the planet's most harrowing endurance challenges all while raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities. Graham personifies the mantra "Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me."

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